Community Theatre of Howell Experience

My family has been involved with the Community Theatre of Howell since 2005. I supervised the transition of CTH's website to SquareSpace in 2015 and have been serving as webmaster ever since. I was elected to the CTH Board of Directors in the fall of 2021.

Video Production - To promote CTH in our community, I produced this short video highlighting CTH's history and programming.

Management & Content - As webmaster, I am responsible for posting all content to the website. I manage page creation and updates, and frequently create header and slideshow images for the various shows and events publicized on the website.

E-Commerce - I am also responsible for managing e-commerce operations through the SquareSpace website. In this role, I have run registration for CTH's Summer Theatre Camp and general admission events for the theater group. Typically, for one theater camp season, we will have sales of over $24,000.

Tech for Productions - I have worked in the tech booth running sound and lights for 3 productions at CTH. I especially enjoy running sound as it gives me the opportunity to use the skills I learned at The Recording Workshop in my youth.